What is the Exotic Wings' Second Chance Program?

Every bird deserves a second chance, and here at Exotic Wings, we make sure that each bird finds the perfect home. If you are interested in adopting a Second Chance bird, or would like to rehome yours, read the details below!

Why are birds rehomed?

  • Neglected
  • Noise level
  • Cannot care for bird
  • Owner is travelling
  • Allergies
  • Behaviour issues
  • Environment changes (baby, partner, etc)

How to adopt a Second Chance Bird?

There are many ways to stay up-to-date on our current Second Chance Birds. We always post on our Second Chance Facebook Page and our other social media.

Second Chance or "Rehome" birds are not free birds and do come with an adoption fee which depends on the bird species and condition - veterinary work, behavior and educational needs.

If you are considering our Second Chance Program, please do not hesitate to call us and we will answer any questions or concerns you may have. 

Exotic Wings is a judgement free establishment. 

How to rehome:

When rehoming a bird, we require a few things from you, the current owner. 
  1. A vet check within a year of rehoming 
  2. Disease testing by case (please call us for specifics)
  3. A write up will all information required to provide continuity of care moving forward.
  4. Paperwork to be filled out in-store

Tang, a 30 year old Blue Fronted Amazon parrot successfully rehomed by Exotic Wings in 2020.