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We have been grooming birds for over 28 Years! We have corrected many malformed beaks and some veterinarians refer their clients to us. These services are offered during regular store hours, except Sundays which we do not offer grooming on.

Bird grooming at Exotic Wings is booked by the half hour interval. These appointments are for 1-5 birds. Appointments are free to book, but there is a fee for the grooming once it is done. Prices are per service, per bird and can be seen in the chart. We ask that you show up within the first five minutes of your appointment to avoid overlap of appointments. If you anticipate a late arrival, call us at (519) 699-5656. We will do our best to accommodate you still.

We can trim your birds flight feathers and nails, as well as work at reshaping malformed beaks. We are able to "clean up" beaks as well, for example some larger birds' beaks grow unattractive layers. Our efforts are to groom each bird as fast possible to reduce / eliminate unnecessary stress on your bird. 

Exotic Wings is not currently open for walk-in shopping. This includes customers arriving for grooming. All birds for grooming must arrive in an appropriate carriers. During the colder months we ask that you have a blanket, towel, or some other form of cover to prevent the bird from catching a chill. We also suggest ringing the bell and waiting for an employee to arrive before bringing your bird to the window as it sometimes takes a moment for us to get to the door. If you feel you are travelling a long distance, please do not put water in the carrier. Instead, offer cucumber or melon. 

We thank you for your cooperation.

Exotic Wings & Pet Things Inc. is not responsible for any medical conditions that may arise from the grooming of your pet

Prices listed are per service, per bird.
For example, if you show up with a green-cheeked conure and a blue-and-gold macaw for wings and nails, you will be charged 2 x $12 + 2 x $25


All finches, Canaries, Doves & Pigeons, Quails $8.00

Extra Small

Budgies and English budgies, Parrotlets, Lineolated Parakeets, All lovebirds, Cockatiels, Kakarikis, Goldie's Lorikeets, Bourke's parakeets $10.00


Sm. Conure(Green-cheeked, Peach-fronted, Dusky-headed, Sun, Jenday, Gold-capped, etc) , Quaker, Lories and lorikeets, Senegal, Meyer's, Ring-necked parakeet, Princess Parrot, Barraband's, Moustached parakeets, Plum-headed parakeets $12.00


Lg. Conure (Blue-crowned, Mitred, Golden, etc), Jardine's parrots,
Orange-winged, Red-lored, White-fronted and other small Amazon parrots,
Eclectus parrots, Congo and Timneh African Grey parrots, Alexandrine parakeets, Derbyan parakeets,
Mynah birds, Hahn's, Yellow-Collared, Severe, and other mini Macaws,
Goffin's, Lesser Sulphur-Crested
and Bare-eyed cockatoos



Double Yellow Head, Yellow Naped, Yellow Fronted, Mealy, Cuban, Blue-front Amazon Umbrella, Red Tailed Black, and most other Cockatoos $20.00

Extra Large

Blue & Gold, Green Wing, Buffon's, Military, Scarlet, Blue Head, Hyacinth Macaws
Moluccan, Greater Sulphur-crested, and Palm cockatoos


See senior's discount program on the first Wednesdays of each month. Terms and conditions apply.

How do I book bird grooming?

  1. Choose your appointment date from the calendar. 
  2. Select a time slot for your selected date. Time slots will appear in a dropdown menu and appear below the calendar.
  3. Confirm your booking time then click "NEXT".
  4. Enter your customer information (Name, Phone Number & Email).
  5. Fill in the additional information below & agree to the terms and conditions.
  6. Click "BOOK NOW" and you are all done!

Why can't I pay online?

We don't want to charge you until we have seen your bird and completed the grooming. You may pay for services your bird doesn't end up needing!

I have a large macaw, are you still able to groom them?

Absolutely! We can groom just about any bird from the smallest finches to the largest cockatoos and macaws. We do suggest that you call ahead to ensure we have someone here who is able to groom larger parrots. 

How many birds can I bring to one appointment?

Our grooming appointments are made to accommodate up to 5 birds so long as each bird has their own suitable carrier.

When is it too cold to bring my bird? When is it too hot?

Most birds are hardy and tolerant of a range of temperatures. Very rarely do we reach temperatures that actually make it unsafe to transport birds. With a proper cover fitted to the carrier and a preheated vehicle birds can be safely transported as low as -25° C. On the other end of the scale, 30° C is getting too hot. Temperatures outside this range do not mean grooming needs to be cancelled, there are just more precautions to be taken.

What happens if I miss an appointment?

If you know you are not going to make it or are going to be late, please call us before your appointment time to inform us. We are more than happy to reschedule to the next available time for you. If you miss appointments routinely without informing us, we reserve the right to refuse service. 

How often does my bird need to be groomed?

Grooming frequency varies between individuals and species. Generally, nails will need to be done 3-4 times per year. Customers coming for wings trimmings are usually here 2-3 times per year. Beak trimming is much less predictable, if we are correcting a malformed beak we may need you here several times over the span of a few months. If it is cosmetic, you may have it done one or two times per year. Many birds don't ever need their beak trimmed. We will turn away a beak grooming if it is unnecessary. 

Exotic Wings & Pet Things Inc. is excited to offer a special seniors discount for grooming active on the first Wednesday of each month.

This program is available for regular customers only and minimum purchases apply.

The senior discount is for bird owners aged 65 and up and limited to five birds per visit. Proof of age my be required.

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