Dropping Off & Picking Up

When dropping off your bird, there are a few items we need you to bring:


Please bring your bird(s) everyday diet and any treats you would like your bird to have. Please bring enough to last the duration of your bird's stay. If we run out of food or you do not bring any, we will supply food at your expense. Please label any food and treats with your bird's name so that we know what food to feed your bird. For lories that eat nectar and will not use dry powders, please provide mixing instructions so that we can match the food as best we can.


Boarding can be stressful for some birds, and having some toys from their cage at home might help make them feel more comfortable during their stay. We recommend bringing at least two toys for bird(s).


We supply a few wood perches in our cages but any extra ladders, rope or cement perches must be supplied by you upon arrival.

Extra Items

If your bird is on any supplements or altered diets, please bring any supplies and include WRITTEN instructions on dosage, time of day, frequency, etc.

When dropping off or picking up your bird from our boarding facilities please feel free to park right in front of the store by the sidewalk. Please head to our curbside pickup window which is located to the right of the main entrance and ring the bell for assistance.

If you are bringing your own cage with you for boarding please bring it with you to the curbside pickup window. Place it in our pass through window if it fits, and if not a staff member will bring it inside through the side door for you.

When you are picking up your bird please go to our curbside pickup window, ring the bell and tell the staff which name your bird was booked under, alternatively have your order number handy for your boarding invoice. We do appreciate a phone call 20-30 minutes before your arrival so we can begin to pack your stuff up.

During Your Bird's Stay

We enjoy socializing our boarding birds while they are staying with us. Sometimes there are limitations for which birds we can socialize, though. We have information on that below...

We will not take the bird out of the cage for socialization if;

1. The bird is flighted. A flighted bird is at an elevated risk of hurting themselves or others in our boarding facility. We are not willing to take this risk for the health and safety of the birds. 

2. You (the owner) have requested the bird does not get socialized. This can be for any reason, an aggressive or nervous bird, untame bird, etc. You do not have to justify your decision. Please let us know if you do not want your bird handled when you drop them off.

When you book your stay with us you will be able to select what grooming you would like done. The charge for grooming services is not included in your boarding total at checkout and will be paid for when you pick up your bird after their stay.

* Grooming prices while a bird is boarding are the same as they would normally be. *

You can see up to date bird grooming prices here.

Health & Wellness

We require all birds to be in good health while boarding with us. If a bird is on medication for a non-communicable illness we are usually able to accommodate them but must be informed ahead of time.

Birds purchased at Exotic Wings have been pre-screened for disease and therefore meet our disease testing requirements. This statement is void if the bird has been exposed to birds purchased outside of Exotic Wings. Exposure includes other birds you may own or have looked after, your bird staying at another boarding facility, your bird staying at a friend's house who has birds that were not purchased at Exotic Wings, etc.

If any of the previous statements that void our disease testing protocol apply to your bird(s), or if you are looking to board a bird that was purchased outside of Exotic Wings, you must contact us when you are booking your boarding and we will tell you what testing we require. Exotic Wings must be provided with a copy of the results in writing no less than 48 hours before your boarding drop-off date.

Birds purchased outside of Exotic Wings will need to be DNA disease tested with a veterinarian. Birds purchased at Exotic Wings that live in homes with birds not purchased at Exotic Wings will also be subject to disease testing requirements, results may cause a forfeit of the birds free week of boarding at the discretion of Exotic Wings.

For details on what tests we require, please call the store during open hours. Exotic Wings & Pet Things Inc. is not responsible for any veterinary costs and fees associated with that appointment. Exotic Wings & Pet Things Inc. requires the results to be filed here at least 48 hours before your bird's stay begins. Birds which are being boarded must be in good health and any medical needs or health concerns must be disclosed at the time of booking.

Exotic Wings & Pet Things Inc. reserves the right to refuse your bird for boarding when provided this information. A general health assessment will be done at the time of arrival for boarding.

The birds have access to food and water at all times, unless the owner submits written information to state otherwise. Cages are cleaned once a day and food & water are checked and replenished three times a day. Our cages are cleaned and disinfected before the bird arrives and again after the bird leaves. 

Terms & Conditions

Bird(s) not purchased from Exotic Wings MUST present a certificate of health from an avian vet at least 48 hours prior to your drop off time. You must contact Exotic Wings before booking your boarding to be informed about species specific testing that must be done in advance.

Bird(s) under any form of specialized or veterinary care must contact us PRIOR TO BOARDING for a boarding confirmation. Any special care which goes beyond standard care must be contained in a WRITTEN DOCUMENT provided by the party dropping off the bird(s).

You will bring enough food for your bird(s) to sustain them for the duration of their stay. Food should be labeled with your bird's name on it.

Bring a minimum of two toys and anything else you feel is required to make your bird(s) comfortable for their stay.

Owners who will supply their own cage must have it cleaned before arrival or there will be a $25.00 cage cleaning fee.

Failure to follow these guidelines may result in boarding REFUSAL and/or extra fees.

Exotic Wings & Pet Things Inc. reserves the right to refuse bird boarding for any reason. All boarding is accepted at the sole discretion of Exotic Wings & Pet Things Inc.

If you have any questions about the following terms please contact us.

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