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At Exotic Wings we offer professional small pet grooming! We are able to groom nearly any small pet that needs it, from mice to guinea pigs, gerbils to rabbits, and many more! We can do nails and teeth (if needed), and also perform a onceover of the animal's health condition. 

Your pet must arrive in an appropriate carrier and proper steps must be taken to ensure the animal is kept comfortable on the way to and from the grooming. For example, a cover over the carrier in the colder months. 

Due to COVID-19 you will not be permitted in the store, you will go to the curbside pick-up area and ring the buzzer. An employee will be there to assist you as soon as possible. If it is particularly hot or cold, please leave your pet in the car with climate control on until an employee has came to the window to help you.

Your appointment is good for up to 3 (three) small pets. Whether it is three rabbits, rats, guinea pigs, etc or any combination thereof. 

Price listed per individual pet.

--- Small ---

Hamster, Gerbil, etc

$5.00 flat rate per individual pet

--- Medium ---

Guinea Pig, Hedgehog, etc

$14.00 flat rate per individual pet

--- Large ---


$18.00 flat rate per individual pet

Small animal grooming can consist of "Hard Grooming" ONLY. This is nails (incudes dewclaw) and teeth. We do not offer "Soft Grooming" such as shampooing, washing, trimming or fluffing of fur. There will be no exceptions to this rule.

All small pets must arrive in transport carriers! Please bring your small pet to our curbside pickup window located to the right of the main entrance and place your carrier in our curbside drop off box.

We will refuse grooming if you walk up to our curbside drop off area for grooming with a small pet with no carrier. There will be no exceptions.

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