Bird Boarding

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Cage Sizing

We have three sizes of cages to use when boarding at Exotic Wings.


25.5" x 22" x 19" - 3/4 Inch Bar Spacing

Cockatiel, Conure, Quaker, Meyers, Senegal, and Caique. Timneh Grey might be happier in the smaller cage.


36" x 24" x 32" - 3/4 Inch Bar Spacing.

African Grey, Amazon, Eclectus, and Small Cockatoo.


36" x 28" x 27" - Full Inch Bar Spacing.

Macaws, Large Cockatoo.

Use Your Own Cage

For bringing your own cage you should be able to bring it through the front door without assistance. If this is not possible, please use one of our cages.

If you decide to use your own cage and it is not cleaned properly before arrival, we will charge an additional $25 fee to clean it for you.

Budgie & Finch Owners must bring your own cage. (The bar spacing on our cages will be too large).


What to Bring

When dropping off your bird, there are a few things we need you to bring:


Please bring your birds everyday diet and any treats you would like. Please bring enough to last the duration of your bird's stay. If we run out of food or you do not bring any, we will supply food at an extra cost. Please label any food and treats with your bird's name so that we know what food to feed. 


Boarding can be stressful for some birds, and having some toys from their cage at home might help make them feel more comfortable during their stay. 


We can supply a few wood perches but any ladders, rope or cement perches must be supplied by you upon arrival.


If your bird is on any supplements or altered diets, please bring any supplies and include instructions on dosage, time of day, etc.

Boarding FAQ's

Are the birds socialized?

We would be happy to socialize your bird while it is staying with us! However...

We will not take the bird out of the cage if...

1. The bird is flighted. A flighted bird can hurt itself or others in our boarding facility and we will not take the risk by allowing it out of the cage. 

2. The bird is clipped and you do not want it socialized. Please let us know if you do not want your bird handled when you drop them off.

3. You believe your bird should not be handled by our staff. If your bird is nervous, aggressive, not hand tame, etc. Please let us know when you drop them off.

Can we groom your bird during it's stay?

If you would like to have your bird groomed while it's boarding with us, let us know and we will put a note on the cage of what you would like done. (wings, nails, beak)

*Grooming is not included in the boarding cost. Price of grooming is dependent on size of bird.

How often are the birds fed & cages cleaned?

The birds have access to food and water at all times unless owner requests otherwise. Cages are cleaned once a day and chores (food, water) are checked and replenished twice a day. Our cages are disinfected before the bird arrives and again after the bird leaves.