In Store Shopping at Exotic Wings & Pet Things Inc.

At this time we offer in-store shopping by appointment. Our store layout had to change with our business model during the pandemic and having several customers in the store at once is no longer practical. For more information and to book an appointment click here.

1. You must schedule an appointment.

2. An appropriate cloth mask or medical-grade mask MUST be worn at all times! Visors, gaiters, or other alternative face coverings are not acceptable.

3. Your appointment is for one or two people. This limit includes children. No exceptions will be made to this rule.

4. Your appointment time is firm. Showing up 10 minutes late means you have 10 minutes less shopping time.

5. In-store shopping appointments are for dry goods and other products. If you are looking to purchase a bird that is a separate booking that can be made by contacting us. You will not see any birds for sale during your in-store shopping appointment.

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The Ultimate Bird Size Chart

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Is My Bird Sick? - The ABCs of Illness Detection By Kaytee

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