Discover the mutation probability of your breeding pair! All you have to do is contact us and include the following information:

- Picture of male parent and female parent

- Colour mutation of each bird and any possible splits

- Colour mutation of each birds' parents (if possible)

Get your results in 2-5 days!

$25.00 for a Punnett Square of your birds' cross and written outcomes with percentage likelihoods, and a short writeup about the pairing and offspring they produce.


$35.00 - "I want to produce X, these are the birds I have. Who should I breed?" 

Takes up to 7 business days.

The results you receive are only as accurate as the information you provide. If you do not know the full mutation of your birds (including their splits) your results will not show 100% of the possible mutation outcomes.


If contact button does not work, please send an email directly to with the above information.

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