Parrot/Parakeet Enrichment Bird Toys

Encourage natural instincts that are an integral part of everyday life for many birds.  Helps provide versatility, interest and just plain fun! 

Parrots and other birds are intelligent, curious and naturally active in the wild. The typical wild bird spends most of its day searching for food and being alert for predators. When it is not looking for food, it may be searching for a mate or helping take care of a nest, protecting its home from rivals, socializing with other birds, or preening its feathers, among other activities. As pets, birds no longer have to search for food, worry about predators, defend their home from rivals, or do many of the other things necessary to survive in the wild. Without these things to do, some parrots and other birds begin to engage in abnormal behaviors such as feather-plucking and chewing at their skin, pacing around their cages, back-flipping, eating their own stool, prolonged abnormal screaming, etc. 

A busy bird is a happier healthier bird. Birds that are given things to do are less likely to have behavioral problems. Although it can seem challenging and expensive at times to provide toys and activities to keep your bird busy, it can actually be much easier than you think. 



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