1. Our website has an abundance of information about species, behaviour, talking ability, and ownership essentials you may need to begin. This is a great place to start narrowing down your search for the bird best suited for your family. Once you have researched various bird species and narrowed down your choices, please contact us via phone or email to create an appointment to meet the birds and ask any questions you may have in regards to care, nutrition, and the best fit for your home.

  2. We will set up a date and time for you to meet the bird(s). We will notify you of our current protocols and procedures. If you have decided on a specific bird, we recommend that you put a deposit on it. Birds will not be held without a minimum 50% deposit. If you put down a deposit before meeting the bird and after meeting the bird decide it is not a good fit, we can refund your the deposit in full. If you are placing a deposit prior to meeting a bird, your appointment to meet the bird must be within the following week.

  3. If you are meeting a bird(s) that is not weaned, you will not be able to take the bird home that same day. If you are meeting a bird that is weaned, and you are properly prepared to have the new bird in your home, we will go over a care sheet and answer any questions you have during your appointment. If that is too soon, and your home is not ready, you can book a pick-up appointment within the following week. Again, to reserve a bird you must put down at least a 50% deposit or payment in full.

  4. When your bird is weaned and ready to go home you will receive an email with the following information
     •  A link to our care sheet in printable PDF form.
     •  A link to book a timeslot for your care sheet / bird pick-up.
     •  A link to the food your bird is eating as well as toys, treats, and other essential items to start your new adventure!

  5. Read the care sheet, write down any questions you have, ensure you’ve got the correct food and a proper variety of toys and perches, as well as a suitable cage. Then book your pick-up appointment! Please show up within 5 minutes of the appointment start time. If you have a carrier for your new bird, feel free to bring it. We can provide a travel box if needed.

If you have additional questions about how to purchase one of our birds please take a look at our FAQ's for purchasing a new bird:

Purchasing A Bird FAQ's

Before You Buy 

We offer a seven-day health guarantee on our handfed birds. A mandatory educational care sheet will be gone over at time of purchase. You must provide your bird with suitable shelter, food, water, vitamins and minerals from time of purchase.

We suggest that within three days (72 hours) of purchase, you bring your bird to an avian vet for a complete examination. This is at the cost of the pet owner. Should any health problem occur or be discovered, inform us IMMEDIATELY, with a written report otherwise the health guarantee is void. Any veterinary fees at this point need to be cleared by Exotic Wings & Pet Things Inc.

The health guarantee does not apply if there is another bird in your home that was not purchased from Exotic Wings & Pet Things Inc. or if the bird leaves the store unclipped.

We cannot guarantee the gender or temperament of your bird. Our handfed birds are tame but may take some time to adjust to their new surroundings. The more time is spent socializing with your pet bird after they have settled into your household, the better your relationship with your pet will be. After the seven day period any warranty will be at the discretion of Exotic Wings & Pet Things Inc.

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