Ringneck Dove

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General Information
Common Name: Ringneck Dove
Latin Name: Streptopelia risoria
Average Lifespan: 15 Years
Physical Features
Average Length: 27 cm
Average Weight: 150 - 200 grams
Song Type: Males Coo
Noise Level - Soft and Pleasant

Both males and females call, but the female's calls are usually softer with a more trill or rolling "rr" uttered in the calls. The advertising call is uttered as "koo, krroo" or "koo, kooroo-wa." There is also a nest call and display coo which are similar to each other. The excitement call is described as a high-pitched jeering laugh. This call is uttered as the male greets the female or another Ringneck. He may also utter the display coo before his bowing display.

Pet Profile
Training Ability - Make great pets

Ringneck Doves are highly trainable and make very good pets if kept singly. 

Fun Fact: If they see a dark shadow above their head they will freeze in place and assume it's a hawk.

Care & Diet


Suitable housing for a Ringneck Dove would be a large cockatiel cage along with some time outside the cage. 

Cages that are longer and wider are more important than tall cages, as these birds flutter around and do not climb. Males tend to be quarrelsome with other males so keep pairs housed alone.

They are quite hardy. If they are kept outdoors and are accustomed to cold weather, they can take below freezing temperatures for a short period of time.

Ringneck Doves are very clean birds and love to bathe. They will enjoy either a bath in a large bowl of water or a shower, a misting with a light spray of clean water.


A commercial dove and pigeon mix or a regular parakeet seed mix supplemented with greens rich in minerals, vitamins, and calcium is a fine diet. Ringneck Doves love treats. They not only enjoy their greens, but will also enjoy spray millet and such things as crumbled cornmeal and bread. Grit is essential as Ringneck Doves swallow their food whole, and it helps grind up the food. Oyster shell or even cuttlebone can be added for calcium and is important for egg layers.

Breeding Information
Age of Maturity: 1 Year
Breeding Aviculture: Very Common
Average Clutch Size: 2

Breeding Life: 12 years

Nest Box: Open-type large cup nest

Wild Status

Ringneck Doves are a fully domestic bird.