Lizard’s Tail | Saururus cernuus

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Hardiness Zone:
4 - 11
Plant Type:
Full Sun
Bloom Time:
Jun, Jul, Aug, Sept


Where Do I Plant It?

Lizard's Tail are happy when planted as a marginal or as a moisture lover. They will grow in shallow (a few inches) water or in the wet soil on the edge of a pond.

The Lizards Tail Bog plant is perfect for water gardens. Plant them in containers with shallow water to 6” deep for water gardens. If you want natural ponds then set plants or rhizomes in sandy or muddy pond margins under shallow water or in moist, boggy soils. Best in full sun to part shade, but will flower in full shade. Unrestrained rhizomes will spread to form colonies.

Height 24-36"

Depth 0-2"

Zone 4

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