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Our rewards program is points based. When customers who have created an account place an order they are automatically rewarded with a points value equal to the subtotal of their order (not including shipping or taxes).

Customers with an account can then "spend" their points on coupon codes which are applied at checkout to get a discount on their order. Minimum purchases will apply.

Customers are also able to refer their friends to shop on our site. When the person you refer makes a purchase, they will receive a discount to that order, and you receive extra points out of our appreciation for you referring them!

If you register an account with an email and password your point total will automatically be adjusted every time you make a purchase.

Every dollar spent before taxes and shipping equals one point.

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Sign into your account with your email and password. Click the 'rewards widget' (blue bag and heart icon on the bottom right of your screen). Click 'view' on any of your available coupons if applicable. Then click redeem. The discount code will automatically be applied at the checkout.

Please do this BEFORE proceeding to the checkout page.

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Is My Bird Sick? - The ABCs of Illness Detection By Kaytee

Is My Bird Sick? - The ABCs of Illness Detection By Kaytee

Bird CareExotic Wings
Birds must be observed very carefully every day for subtle signs of illness. If several symptoms are present at the same time, contact your avian veterinarian immediately. Any stress can weaken a bird’s immune system, but because they disguise signs of sickness, you must know what to look for so you can catch problems early.
Which Bar Spacing Is Right For My Bird?

Which Bar Spacing Is Right For My Bird?

Bird CareNicholas Zwarych

Knowing what size of bar spacing is the right fit for your bird can be a challenge! Correct bar spacing is important because inadequate bar spacing can cause to potential injury of your bird or lead to an escaped bird.  That's why we have created the following chart to help guide you on your journey of purchasing a new bird cage.

Male vs Female Bird As Pets

Male vs Female Bird As Pets

Bird CareAdam Hehn
Everyone knows that if you’re looking to get a pet bird and you want something colourful and talkative you HAVE to get a male, right? Because female birds are always dull coloured and can’t talk, right? Wrong.

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