Savic Nero 3 De Luxe Rabbit/Guinea Pig Cage

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Nero 3 De Luxe is a spacious indoor cage for your guinea pigs and dwarf rabbits.

Underneath the plateau, your favourite little pet will find a cosy place to sleep, whilst he can sit, eat or lie down at ease on the platform. The detachable bottom makes replacing the bedding inside the pen a quick and easy job.

The cage comes with a feeding bowl, a drinking bottle and a hay rack, making your dwarf rabbit’s new home ready to move into right away.

The large front and top access doors make feeding the pets and everyday cage cleaning a piece of cake.

The 2 handles that are included make it easy to move the cage around.


  • guinea pig and dwarf rabbit cage
  • recommended for indoor use
  • comes with platform, feeding bowl, hay rack and drinking bottle
  • front and top door
  • with 2 handles
  • wire distance: 25,6 mm


100cm x 50cm x 47cm


Manual Nero 2 & 3 de luxe