Conestogo Striped Sunflower Seed

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Similar to black oil seeds, striped sunflower seed is a good high-fat, high-oil seed that many birds will sample. The hulls on striped sunflowers are thicker and harder than black oil sunflower seed, however, making it more difficult for smaller birds or birds with weaker bills to feed.

All the birds that will eat other types of sunflower seed will munch on striped sunflower seed, but it is most popular with larger species such as cardinals, jays, and grackles. If both types of sunflower seed are available in the same mix, the striped seed may be eaten last as birds naturally seek out easier, more convenient foods first.

Striped sunflower seed can be offered the same way as black oil sunflower seed, in hopper feeders, wide-mouthed tubes, broad mesh feeders, or in open trays, dishes and platform feeders.