Hulled Sunflower Seed by Conestogo Bird Seed Company

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Hulled sunflower seed, also called chips or hearts, is popular with many songbirds. Because these seeds already have the hulls removed, there is no waste left around the feeder.

Hulled sunflower seeds are rich in oil and a high source of calories for birds, making them a popular feeder option year-round. Hulled seeds are more expensive than regular sunflower seed but may be more economical when purchased by weight because there is no waste. These seeds will not grow if spilled on the ground, ideal for garden areas where extra growth is not welcome. All songbirds, including finches, sparrows, cardinals, titmice, and chickadees, enjoy hulled sunflower seeds.

Offer hulled sunflower seeds in open platform or dish feeders, hopper feeders or any type of feeder where regular sunflower seed can be offered.