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Why would you buy a baby bird from Exotic Wings & Pet Things?

Well, for starters, we have over thirty years of experience raising healthy, happy babies and uniting them with families across Canada. The key to successfully uniting bird to owner is education. Customers are made aware of all aspects of bird ownership, and the most important points are outlined in a care sheet that each new bird owner takes home for reference.

Our breeding birds are pre-screened for disease and health issues. All birds in size from green cheek conure and up are vaccinated for polyomavirus. The baby birds are left with their parents for the first three weeks of their life to ensure a great start to building a healthy immune system. Babies are fed with Higgins handfeeding formula and abundance weaned using zupreem pellets and a cooked bean, vegetable, rice, lentil, and pasta mix.

We have a veterinarian on site every other Thursday to monitor the aviary, and is also available by appointment to see customers with any issues or questions they may have. All birds are sent home completely weaned, socialized, and wings are clipped and nails groomed for both their safety and yours. We also provide one week of bird sitting and your first grooming for free.

We offer a 7 day health guarantee.  You must provide your bird with suitable shelter, food, water, vitamins and minerals from time of purchase. We suggest that within three days of purchase, you bring your bird to an avian vet for a complete examination.  Should any health problem occur or be discovered, inform us IMMEDIATELY, otherwise the health guarantee is VOID. Exotic Wings & Pet Things is not responsible for any unauthorized vet fees.  The health guarantee does not apply if there is another bird in your home or if the bird leaves the store unclipped by owner's request.

We cannot guarantee the gender or temperament of a bird.  Our handfed birds are tame but may take some time to adjust to a new home, new family, and new surroundings.

We continue to be available to answer all questions for our customers even after you take your baby bird home!

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General Information
Common Name: Jenday Conure
Latin Name: Aratinga jandaya
Average Lifespan: 30 Years
Physical Features
Average Length: 30 cm
Average Weight: 125 - 140 grams
Song Type: Tropical Squawk
Noise Level - Loud

The Jendaya Conures are known as loud birds. The bird has a very loud call, and if not trained properly, the bird can quite often be loud. Jendaya Conure owners say it is possible to train the birds to be quieter.

Will speak a few words phrases.

General plumage green; head and throat yellow becoming orange on upper breast; front of forehead and often also eye area red; abdomen, flanks and under wing-coverts orange-red; edges of feathers to lower back red; outer webs of primaries, primary-coverts and secondaries blue; upperside of tail olive-green with blue tips; underside of tail and flight-feathers blackish; periophthalmic ring whitish; iris greyish-brown; bill blackish; feet grey. Immatures have pale yellow head with scattered green feathers; iris dark.

Pet Profile
Training Ability - Easily Trained

The Jenday Conures are very playful and entertaining birds and can be trained easily.

Care & Diet


Jenday Conures require a lot of attention - they are social birds that need interaction with their owners.


Main diet should be pellets with fruits and lots of veggies supplemented daily.

*more information to come*

Breeding Information
Age of Maturity: 2 Years
Breeding Aviculture: Often
Average Clutch Size: 3 - 5
Nest Box: 18 x 18 x 70cm
Breeding Life: 20 Years

Gender determination is indeterminable by appearance However you can take a guess by looking at the shape of the birds head Females have a rounder and smaller head than the male The males head is squarer with a flatter forehead.

Wild Status

Stable - Least Concern