Higgins Bird Diets

About Higgins

Higgins Premium Pet Foods is committed to providing companion birds and small animals with the highest quality foods and treats made without the use of artificial colors, preservatives and flavorings. We are strongly dedicated to building and maintaining relationships with pet parents built on trust, by making the complete health and well-being of their pets our primary goal.

  • Our ingredients are natural and free of artificial colors and flavors. The colors we use are sourced from seeds, spices and vegetables.
  • We use plant-based DHA omega-3 to support the immune system and overall well-being.
  • We use high-end ingredients and comprehensively formulate products in order to avoid using cheap fillers and find healthier alternatives whenever possible. 
  • All diets are enriched with protected probiotics – beneficial microorganisms that support immunity and digestive health.

  • Our ingredients are quadruple air-washed, meaning significantly less dust and fines than leading competitors.

  • We use premium, oxygen-barrier packaging that is resealable, so our products stay fresh for longer. 

Intune Pellet

The inTune® family of bird food products consists of extruded, complete and balanced diets formulated without the use of artificial flavors or preservatives. inTune® uses natural aroma and colors sourced from seeds, spices and vegetables. inTune® products also contain protected probiotics and balanced DHA omega-3 and 6 fatty acids to support immunity. Available for Macaws, Parrots, Conures/Cockatiels, Parakeets, Lorikeets and as hand feeding formula for all baby birds. Science and nature in tune with your bird’s well being!

Sunburst Gourmet Blend

Sunburst® Gourmet Blends are our premium, fortified, natural bird foods formulated as a food and treat all in one. Sunburst® contains mixed fruits and vegetables, wholesome seeds, grains, nuts, legumes and much more! What you won’t find in Sunburst® are artificial colors and preservatives. Sunburst® is enriched with plant-based DHA omega-3 fatty acids as well as protected probiotics to support immunity. 

Vita Seed

Vita Seed® is our fortified, natural seed blend free of artificial preservatives, flavors and chemical colors your companion bird doesn’t need. Instead, Higgins® uses colors sourced from seeds, spices and vegetables. Higgins® adds protected probiotics and plant-based DHA omega-3 fatty acids that are stabilized to support your pet’s immunity and overall health.

Vita Seed® California Blend for Parrots is a fortified, natural, safflower seed-based blend that does not contain sunflower seeds, peanuts or sulfites.

Mayan Harvest

Mayan Harvest® Natural Holistic Blends carefully balance a variety of exotic, natural ingredients and holistic herbs in a diet that is free of synthesized vitamins, artificial colors, artificial preservatives and sulfites. Mayan Harvest® blends are rich in plant-based DHA omega-3 and protected probiotics to support the immune system. 

Safflower Gold

Safflower Gold® is our gourmet, natural safflower seed blend available for Parrots and Conures/Cockatiels. Safflower Gold® does not contain sunflower seeds, artificial colors or preservatives. Safflower Gold® is also fortified and enriched with plant-based DHA omega-3 fatty acids and protected probiotics to support immunity.

Worldly Cuisine

Higgins Worldly Cuisines® are the all natural bird food appetizers that you cook up for your pet bird! Just add water to the pouch, place in your microwave oven, and in a few minutes you’re done. Your pet will enjoy the different textures and variety that Worldly Cuisines® adds to its dietary routine. Available in six flavors inspired by different regions of the world: based in long-grain rice, quinoa and couscous. You can even store the unused portion in your fridge for up to five days for multiple feedings.



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