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Yes we do attend pet shows. A full list of shows we are attending can be found Click Here!

No we do not bring birds to shows. It is nearly impossible to do a proper care sheet at a show as there are far too many distractions. Additionally, the transport to the show, and fast paced environment of shows can be very stressful for baby birds. All bird sales will be completed at our store location.

1. You can place an order in advance for pick-up at the show and save the shipping! :) See FAQ below for more details

2. See a variety of products firsthand! We take a great selection of toys to cover all bases and bird sizes. From foraging to preening, finches to macaws!

3. We offer bird grooming at shows! The prices are the same as they would be at our store. See FAQ below for more details.

4. Our expert staff are able to answer any and all questions you may have! We can show you products and their use in real-time, talk about food and nutrition, etc.

Orders that are placed for pick-up at the show must be paid in full at least 72 hours before the show starting date. Orders will be available for pick-up at our booth during the show's running hours. You will have to pay any admission fees that apply at the show, or pre-purchase your admission if the show allows.

In order to obtain your order we will require your order number and a piece of ID that corresponds with the name on the order. If you are picking up an order for someone else it is their responsibility to make us aware of this ahead of the pick-up date. Contact details of the person who is picking up the order must be provided.

You are still welcome to shop at our booth even if you have placed an order for pick-up.

In the event the show is cancelled, we will contact you with the option to pick-up at the store or have your order shipped.

You must make a grooming appointment ahead of time! Click here to make an appointment

1. You will need to pay admission to enter the show hall and for some shows you will have to fill out a pet waiver.

2. Must bring bird in a pet carrier.

3. We are experienced professionals and very efficient at bird grooming. Typically we will be done within a few minutes.

4. Grooming is a paid service. Find our current pricing here.

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