Keeping Your Pets Safe: Fireworks

The long weekend is a great opportunity to unwind and relax, but for your pets, it’s often the opposite. Fireworks can be upsetting for animals since they don’t know or understand them. Dogs and cats, as well as birds and wild animals become very stressed and scared when they hear or see fireworks going off so it is important to take action to make these celebrations easier for them. 

Dogs & Cats

When fireworks are going off you should keep your dog or cat inside at all times. If you do need to take your animal outside, make sure that they are on a leash or in a carrier to ensure that they don’t run away when spooked. Make sure that you walk them in the day time to avoid having to take them out at night when the fireworks begin. If you can, leave the radio or tv on throughout the night to cover up the noises of the fireworks and close any curtains or blinds.


Everything that was stated for dogs and cats should also be implemented for birds. It is extremely important that you leave on a bright night light so that your bird can navigate around the cage and see its surroundings. Do not cover the cage as it will make the night light useless. You can also reorganize the perches in the cage so that if they fall off the perch at night they don’t injure themselves on the way down. Birds spook easily at night so if you hear your bird fall off its perch, check on them and speak to them in a calm, soothing voice to help ease their anxiety.

Wild Animals

Take extra caution when driving or celebrating near wildlife. Many wild animals will start running when they hear fireworks and end up in the middle of the street. Drive slowly and cautiously to avoid an accident. Do not chase, call or go near any wild animals if they end up in rural areas as you will just startle them more. Remain calm and try not to disturb them, they will likely move on when they feel less anxious. 

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