Keeping Stocked For The Holidays

It's no secret that the global supply chain has been shaken up over the past year and this has had some effect on the availability of some bird food's and supplies. Here we will share how you can keep your birdie cabinets full this winter and avoid disappointment.

Always Keep A Supply

The best way to make sure you have enough food for your bird is to always keep at least one month's supply of bird food on hand. This way you will almost always have enough supply on hand to deal with any delays that may occur over the busy and logistics challenged holiday season.

Have TWO Go To Diets

It's best bird ownership practice to make sure your bird has been introduced to at least two different types of food, preferably pellet diets. That way if their main diet becomes unavailable for any reason you always have a backup you know your bird(s) will already enjoy.

Check if your bird's pellet comes in other flavours or ask us for a secondary food recommendation based on your bird and what they are already eating. For example if your bird's main pellet is Zupreem Natural Pellets, don't be afraid to offer them the Zupreem Fruitblend Pellets occasionally to familiarize them with a similar food which can be used as a substitute if the need ever arises.

Order With Shipping Delays In Mind

Due to the increased volume of shipments being processed across all industries during the holiday reason. It's best to expect your parcels to be somewhat delayed as shipping couriers are over worked during this period of time. Placing your orders a week before you normally would will keep you well ahead of any delays which might effect you and your bird.

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