One Purchase To Benefit Three Happy Pet Families

Update: Wow! The cage in question was sold in under 5 minutes! The nominations are now closed as of February 16th, 2023 and we have selected three pet families for the triple $250 gift card giveaway!

The King's Cages Model 136 is a beautiful top of the line European Style Cage and a great home for your feathered friend with ample room for play and toys!

View Cage 'Model 136'

We have one of these brand new cages with 5/8" bar spacing in Black/Silver that we have put on sale for 60% OFF (a one time only offer).   SOLD!!!

But that's not all...

100% of the cost (excluding taxes and shipping) will go towards three $250 Exotic Wings Digital Gift Cards that will be gifted to three pet families that can use a little extra help during these tough economic times.

(Nominations are now closed)

We need your help to nominate a family. Complete our nomination form with your nominations before February 14th and we will choose three families on Family Day Weekend to receive one each of three $250 Exotic Wings Digital Gift Cards.

Gift cards can be used on any products or services that Exotic Wings offers.

We would like to thank King's Cages for their top of the line products, amazing customer service staff and dedication to the avian world. It is always a pleasure working together with them to provide our customers with the best!

Gift cards are not redeemable for cash value.

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