Savic Habitat Metro Hamster/Gerbil Cage

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Recreate the natural habitat of your gerbil or hamster with the Habitat Metro. They love a spot of digging.

Fill the cage’s transparent plastic bottom with sand or other litter so they can indulge in digging tunnels, hiding and building nests. There is more than enough space.

A metal ladder leads up to the top section of the cage, which consists of two metal platforms at different height levels. The horizontal wire mesh of the top section ensures extra climbing fun.

A tunnel complements the play area. It goes without saying that the cage also comes with a feeding bowl and a drinking bottle.


  • gerbil and hamster cage
  • plastic tank filled with sand recreates the natural habitat of your small animal
  • also comes with metal ladder, 2 metal platforms, playtunnel, stainless steel feeding bowl and drinking bottle
  • horizontal wire ensures extra climbing fun
  • wire distance: 9,5 mm


51cm x 26cm x 52.5cm


Manual Habitat Metro