Polly's Pastel Feather Weight Nail Perch Baby Large - Conure & Cockatiel

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  • 1/3 Less Weight
  • Naturally Insulated.
  • Same Strength & Trimming Properties as original
  • Maintains Constant Comfortable Temperature.
  • Guaranteed to trim a birds nails and beak naturally
  • Variable size promotes healthier feet and leg muscles
  • Bird chooses the thickness and shape for the most comfortable fit.
  • Indestructible to the strongest beak.
  • The textured, non-slip surface is safe for bird's feet.
  • Veterinarian tested and approved.
  • Conure & Cockatiels
  • 7/8" x 5" Long

Recommended to provide one concrete perch per bird cage, place in-between food and water dishes to help keep your bird's nails from growing too long to fast. This product is not a replacement for regular bird grooming.

Polly's Pastels therapeutic perch is a veterinarian designed variable size perch which will help trim your bird's nails and beak naturally while promoting healthier feet and leg muscles. Because birds spend their lives on their feet problems can arrive is they're confined to single thickness & shape perches with no variety.

*colour may vary