Fundraising Sweets - Girl Guide Cookies, Rheo Thompson & Simply Delicious

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Exotic Wings and Pet Things DOES NOT PROFIT OFF THE SALE OF THESE PRODUCTS. This is purely to help out in this time of social distancing.

Girl Guide Cookies

Proceeds from the sale of Girl Guide cookies support Guiding activities – both in your community and across the country. The money raised through cookie sales:

  • Helps us provide diverse and exciting programs and activities.
  • Allows girls the chance to discover new interests, learn valuable leadership skills and make lasting friendships.
  • Assists girls and leaders with attending camps and events.


Wheat Flour, Sugar, Vegetable Oil, Shortening (Contains Coconut Oil, Modified Palm Oil and Canola Oil), Cocoa, Corn Syrup, Corn Starch, Whey Powder, Unsweetened Chocolate, Salt, Color, Baking Soda, Natural Flavor, Ammonium Bicarbonate, Soya Lecithin,

Contains: Wheat, Soya and Milk, Produced in a Peanut Free Bakery

All proceeds go to Girl Guides. We can ship them to you if you wish but shipping will be extra. Picking up in store is free!

Rheo Thompson

Exotic Wings is supporting The Paradise & District Lions Club's fundraising efforts for the St. Mary's General Hospital Cardiac Catheterization Suite

Delicate mint flavour in both milk & dark chocolate.

This is it — the iconic chocolate that built the Rheo Thompson reputation and became the unofficial ‘official’ chocolate of Stratford. So what is so great about it?

Frankly, everything! From the quality of chocolate, the delicacy of the natural mint flavour and the smooth texture of the filling.

No other mint chocolate has that mouth-filling ‘smoothie’ center, soft without being gooey, fudge-like without being over sweet or too dense. Just … smooth. You really have to bite into one to know.

And the mint! Even people who don’t really like mint, love our Mint Smoothies because most people when they taste real mint, from mint leaves, find it softer, more subtle and heaven with chocolate.

If you are looking for a gift or a treat for yourself, grab a true taste of Stratford, The Mint Smoothie.

Simply Delicious

All proceeds go to Linwood Public School!

At Aunt Sarah’s we devote a lot of time into developing and creating only the best products in the world. From our most popular fundraising bars, like Simply Delicious, to our delicious assortments of confections for every season, no one makes chocolates like

Whole Roasted Almonds Smothered
in Creamy Caramel.

Light Puffs of Crispy Rice.

Our Traditional Classic Caramel.

A rich and creamy taste sensation. Peanut butter at its best.

An irresistible creamy mint truffle centre with a delicate cool mint flavour.

Indulge in a new taste experience.
A velvety dark chocolate truffle centre made with 70% cocoa.

A new yogurt treat that's
loaded with fruit and nuts.

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out Great Chocolates!

For 34 years Aunt Sarah's has been creating delicious quality confections. We are a Canadian owned and operated family business. Our factory is located in Thornhill, Ontario just north of Toronto.

Located in Thornhill, Ontario just north of Toronto, our factory is busy year round developing and producing products to guarantee absolute freshness for your enjoyment. Our New Creations, is a perfect example of our commitment to product excellence.

All our products are made with the finest ingredients and much care is taken to ensure the highest quality. As a result of our time and effort we now have a full range of delicious confections. In 1991 we entered the fundraising market by developing our Simply Delicious Bar. We are very proud that fundraising groups across Canada have had tremendous success selling our bar. It is truly "Simply Delicious".