Boucherie Dog Bites Saddle Knuckle 7"

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Dehydrated and naturally wood smoked, these large Beef knuckle bones are Canadian sourced and made. Boucherie 7″ Saddle Knuckle beef bone, is one of the safest types of bones because it doesn’t splinter and your dog can chew away at the cartilage and bone. Scraping at the different angles of the bone with teeth and gums can actually help remove built up tartar. A yummy, meaty bone for your dog! A classic, but so much better as the dehydration process has retained the natural calcium, glucosamine and chondroitin content that is great for joints.

Dogs, like their ancestors, are designed to be chewers. An active mouth is a healthy mouth for a dog, and regular gnawing behavior prevents gum disease and tooth decay. In addition to a clean mouth, chewing provides a sense of comfort and stress relief for a dog left alone or in an unfamiliar situation. We believe variety is the best way to clean different parts of the mouth and keep your dog’s mind occupied. This product is a good option. When selecting natural chews for your dog, select items that are bigger than what your dog can consume quickly.

Made in Canada