Big Red | Sweet Pepper

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Hardiness Zone:
6 - 11
Plant Type:
Full Sun


High-yielding variety with thick, sweet flesh. Perfect for eating raw, roasted, or stuffed.

Peppers start green and turn to red. Harvest when peppers are almost entirely red, they will ripen further after harvesting. Ideal for garden beds, can be grown in planters if given enough nutrients and water.

Cold sensitive. Do not consume parts of the plant other than the ripe fruits.

Water Requirements Moderate, keep moist
Soil Type Well-drained, sandy loam. Organic matter.
Location Sunny
USDA Hardiness Zone 6 - 11
Time to Harvest 70 - 75 days, when fruits are 80% red
Fruit Type Large, sweet pepper
Planter? Yes
Garden? Yes
Pot Size as Sold in  6 Cell Pack
Growth Size 12-18" W x 24-30" H (30-45cm x 60-75cm)

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