Shopping For Bird Food During A Pandemic

COVID-19 has made a huge impact on our lives, and as a result, our bird’s lives. Shopping restrictions and social isolation has kept many of us from buying food and supplies at our regular stores. This may not cause a problem for you, but it will cause problems for your bird. Many people are purchasing their bird’s food from the grocery store or places that are convenient for them. While this may be easier for you, buying bird food from anywhere other than a specialized pet store can be harmful to your bird. Most non-pet stores do not invest time into researching what is safe for pet birds and are not focused on the welfare of your pets. This means these stores are sealing seed incorrectly, promoting ingredients that are not healthy, and stocking low-quality mixes.

Buying Seed That Was Sealed Incorrectly

Feeding your bird a seed mix that was sealed incorrectly can be fatal to your feathered friend. Seed contains moisture and if said moisture cannot escape the bag it will create the perfect environment for bacteria to grow. Once your bird ingests the seed they may develop a fungal and/or respiratory infection. Common signs of infection include lethargy, depression, diarrhea, weight loss, change in or loss of voice, difficulty breathing, and anorexia.

Buying A Mix That's Full Of Unhealthy Ingredients

Most grocery store seed mixes are full of ingredients that birds love - but shouldn’t have. Ingredients like sunflower seeds, peanuts, and other foods that are high in fat are the main components in most bulk food and grocery stores. You may think these mixes are a good option because of how eager your bird is to eat them, but you’re basically feeding them a cheeseburger for every meal instead of something healthy. 

They Care About Profit, Not The Welfare Of Your Bird

Another reason you should not buy your bird’s seed from a grocery store or a bulk food store is because most places will only carry the lower quality mixes because they are cheaper to buy. We understand that the pandemic has taken many employment opportunities away, but when it comes to bird food, you should not cut corners - It’s better to spend the extra money now and have your bird on a good diet than feed them cheap food and have to pay a whopping vet bill later.


Exotic Wings

Exotic Wings

Hi Sarah, Pellets should be stored in an air-tight container or bag to retain freshness. Extra pellet can also be stored in the freezer. Seed, however, contains moisture and should never be sealed once opened. Resealing your seed will not allow the moisture to escape and it will grow bacteria that can harm your bird. Always store your diets in a cool, dry environment (never under the sink!). If you cannot leave your seed in an open bag (other animals in the house, kids, etc) you can put it in a tupperware container without the lid, or cut holes in the lid to allow airflow. Many seed mixes come in a bag that is resealable – this is just for travel situations so that you don’t spill! Many pellet diets have a pleasant aroma and if stored incorrectly or they are near their expiration, they may lose their fruity smell. As long as you follow these guidelines, your food should not go bad before the expiration date.



Hi there! This made me wonder about out at-home storage of pellets and seeds. What is the ideal way for me to store pellets and seeds for my birds, and how long would be considered too long if there’s no visible problem and the expiration date hasn’t passed? Thanks for your help.

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