How To Prepare Your Bird/Pet For Covid-19

Thinking forward, we would like at this time for people to have a checks and measures program for the stewardship of your pet bird/breeder birds in the event that you are unable to care for them at any time. It is always best to plan ahead. 

  1. Find A Buddy

In the event that you cannot care for your birds, your buddy can care for them until you are able to again. Your buddy can also rely on you in the same situation. A friend or family member is ideal.

  1. Make A Plan 

When making a plan, it is crucial that you make a connection with your buddy's family in the event that they are permanently unable to care for their birds and you want to rehome them. The same applies to your buddy - give them your family's contact information in case you fall ill and cannot take your birds back. 

  1. Record Instructions

It is important to write down anything that your buddy may need to know about your birds so that they can provide them the care they require.

If you have more than one bird, make sure to write separate instructions for each bird. 

For Example: food, routines, favourite treats, behaviours, health information, etc

Needs Of Your Birds:

Make sure you have enough supplies for your birds in the event that you are unable to purchase more. This does not mean that you need to buy things in bulk. Here is a list of some of the things you should have:

  • Food - pellet, seed or any other daily diet
  • Treats - fruits, veggies and packaged treats 
  • Supplements - vitamins or medications the bird is currently on
  • Species Specific - Iodine for budgies, grit for finches/canaries, red egg food for red canaries


It is important to know where you can get supplies. Below is a list of places that are currently open and/or online:

  • Exotic Wings & Pet Things

We are still open to the public and are taking precautions to keep our establishment clean and healthy. We also continue to ship products worldwide.

  • Your Vet

It is a good idea to have the vet's information on hand in case you need to contact them. It is also a good idea to contact your vet now and add your buddy's information to your account so that the vet can contact your buddy if need be. 

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