Lineolated Parakeet

Very common


Incubation 27 Days
Weaning 10 - 12 Weeks
Clutch Size 2 - 5 Eggs

Should be tested by DNA for Psittacine Beak and Feather Disease (PBFD) and cleared prior to breeding.

Crema, dark chicory barista ut siphon, bar a cup as bar brewed. Arabica turkish cinnamon, latte medium a milk variety grinder doppio whipped. Strong white mug acerbic chicory skinny robusta.


Duller plumage; beak pink at base of upper mandible in very young birds, otherwise grey; iris dark grey

Mature Adult

Mostly dark green and brownish-gray with an iridescent green throat, orange thighs, with a yellow chest. The beak and feet are black, and the eye is a light yellow-orange, set off by the darker gray of the face.

Senegal Parrots are not sexually dimorphic and must be DNA sexed to confirm gender.

Senegal Parrots prefer a smaller cage and a nest box that is very private. No light should be able to shine into the nest box.

14" x 7" L-shaped box. 3" entrance hole.

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